Bid Metrics

This article explain different bid metrics and how they should be interpreted.

Written by Marcus Johansson
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Campaigns that are active display a table "Bid Metrics" that contain metrics for analysis made on campaign bid requests. The table contain metrics for the last day, and is updated in near realtime. This can give helpful insights for troubleshooting.

Possible Bid Metrics include:

Bid Metrics


Bidding ignored due to pacing

Bid requests are ignored. This can be due to several reasons:

  • campaign is on track to meet its targets

  • bid strategy has a target share set, and is on track to meet its targets

  • system decreases bid rate on specific sites due to zero win rate

  • hourly campaign target has been met

Blocked supplier or excluded site

Filtered due to that the supplier is blocked for the buying seat or that the site is excluded

Audience mismatch

Filtered due to mismatch between targeted audience and supply

Geotarget mismatch

Filtered due to geo target mismatch

Site tag target mismatch

Site tag targeting mismatch


Ad format mismatch

Ad width/height does not match allowed slot formats

Ad vendor mismatch

Ad vendor blocked by seller

Ad vendor not approved

Ad vendor blocked by user

Ad attribute mismatch

Ad attribute blocked by seller

Seller blocked category or advertiser

Campaign category or advertiser blocked by seller

Ad not secure

Ad not set as secure but required by slot


Visibility mismatch

Filtered due to ad slot visibility mismatch

Supply category mismatch

Filtered due to supply category mismatch

Supply type mismatch

Filtered due to supply type mismatch

Device mismatch

Filtered due to device mismatch

Supply language mismatch

Filtered due to language mismatch

IP / user blocked

Filtered due to IP or user blocked (fraud detection)

User not in device graph

Filtered due to user not in device graph

User not known

Filtered due to user known requirement

Failed site verification

Ads.txt verification failed

Cellular connection type mismatch

Cellular connection type mismatch (Ethernet, WiFi, 3G etc)


Deal mismatch

Mismatch between targeted deal and supply deal

Seat mismatch

Supply deal not intended for this seat

Bid below floor

Filtered due to bid being below floor


Internal auction never attempted

Filtered due to higher bid from competing campaign

Internal auctions attempted

Participating in BidTheatre platform auction

Internal auctions won / Bids submitted

Bid submitted

Failed auction type

Auction type mismatch (first price, second price)

Video / Audio

Duration not accepted

Media file either to short or to long

Bitrate not accepted

Media file bitrate either to low or to high

Content delivery method not allowed

Failed content delivery method match (streaming, progressive etc.)

Mime type not accepted

Media file mime type isn't supported

Slot requires ad to be skippable

Video exact dimension mismatch

Some SSPs require exakt video dimensions to be matched

Slot not for instream video

Supply slot for some other video inventory (typically outstream)

Audio protocol not accepted

Audio slot requires unsupported protocol (VAST, DAAST)


Native unsupported version

Native context mismatch

Context targeting mismatch

Native placement mismatch

Placement targeting mismatch

Native title not accepted

Title asset mismatch

Native image not accepted

Image asset mismatch

Native video not accepted

Video asset mismatch

Native data not accepted

All assets passed in the data object grouped together


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