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This section explains what you need to know about working with audiences and 3rd party audience buying.

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Bid strategies using an (optional) audience setting will only bid and buy impressions for users that match the targeting criteria of the audience.

Either use a ready made audience provided by a 3rd party, or build your own audiences.

Assigning an Audience to a Bid Strategy

An audience is applied to a campaign by assigning it as a bid strategy default setting or to selected bid strategies. Click the audience select button, and you will be able to choose from custom made audiences, or 3rd party audiences.

Note that your max CPM bid will need to cover the cost both for media and audiences, plus any system fees. Leave room in your max CPM bid to account this. The cost will be included in your bid strategy and campaign spend.

Viewing Costs of Audience Buying

Audience costs will be reported in your monthly billing report. You can also inspect your audience spend in the Supply / Audience Buying.

Using 3rd Party Audiences

Third party audience that have been made available for buying to your seat will be available for selecting in the Audience select-view in Bid Strategies. Next to the name of the audience, its price will be displayed in the currency of your seat. For each impression bought targeted on the audience, this amount will be paid to the audience seller. BidTheatre usually charges the same fee for audience buying as media buying, but variations may occur, consult your account manager.

Who can sell audiences in BidTheatre?

Anyone can collect data, build an audience and make it available for sale to public seats of the BidTheatre platform. We recommend having a personal and direct contact with data sellers that you buy from.

Custom Audiences

To create a custom audience, select the "Supply" top menu tab, and select "Audiences". Create a new audience if necessary and click the "Edit"-link to compose an audience.

Define your own audience with 3rd party audiences

Third party audience data can be used as a building block when constructing audiences.

Audience costs will be charged if used in the evaluation of a user matching the audience. As soon as an audience is deemed matching a user, evaluation will stop. This means that you should put 3rd party audiences in the last group parts making up your audience. Note that if you use several third party audiences, you will pay the accumulated extra CPM for all audiences used in the evaluation.

To have the cost of the audience included in your campaign spend, you need to define a cost for your own audience to your own seat (In Supply / Audiences / Edit selling). This cost will not be charged to your account, as you effectively buy and sell your own audience, but the flat cost will be accumulated on your campaign spend. Set this cost to as closely as possible resemble what your actual cost of the 3rd party audience use will be.

We are working to have the actual 3rd party audience cost of your own defined audiences included in the campaign spend.

Selling Custom Audiences

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