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Getting started with Dynamic Creatives
Getting started with Dynamic Creatives
Written by Marcus Johansson
Updated over a week ago

BidTheatre DSP provides many options when it comes to dynamic creatives and feed based advertising. Most aspects are documented in this Help Center article collection and the setup managed in BidTheatre Studio. However, we recommend consulting with BidTheatre support to get started for an optimal setup.

Before doing so however, please read up on different dynamic creative use cases to get an understanding of the possibilities. Next, answer our onboarding survey (Swedish) to help us understand your technical capabilities and limitations.

Based on this, preparing your dynamic advertising typically entails the following steps:

  • A meeting to align on goals and implementation steps

  • Preparation of ad templates

  • Integration of product feed and / or store feed

  • Preparation of store specific assets such as geo targets and bid strategy templates

Typically this process takes between 1 - 4 weeks. We want to emphasize that setting up dynamic creatives requires investment of more time and technical resources than a standard campaign. The benefits are reaped when this foundation is used to efficiently launch effective and engaging advertising campaigns over time.

Once prepared, campaigns are run by:

  • Setting up a creative data set containing ad information such as products and provided texts or images

  • Setting up a campaign bundle to run campaigns across multiple stores / locations

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