Creative Data Sets

This article describes how creative data sets can be used to select products from advertiser feeds, for use in dynamic ads.

Written by Marcus Johansson
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The Creative Data Set is a collection of settings that selects products from an advertiser feed for use in a dynamic creative. The Creative Data Set is used in an adgroup together with creatives that are prepared to receive data dynamically in real time.


Min & Max Products

These settings are intended to be in harmony with the ad creative template.

If less than the set min required products are manually or can be auto-selected, the creative will not be matched.

Product selection will be capped at the set max allowed products.

Products (Manual Selection)

Use manual selection to hand-pick products that will predictably always be displayed in creatives that use the data set. The table will show and let you managed any existing selected products.

Click Add Products to select available products from the advertiser feed.

Products (Automatic Selection)

Use auto selection to assign filters that will select a subset of products from the advertiser feed. Currently up to max products will be selected randomly from all products matching the filters.


The macros tab will let you manage the items of the ad target template assigned to the Creative Data Set. Here you can provide manual information to be available in the ad.

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