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Media Lists - Contextual Keyword Tool
Media Lists - Contextual Keyword Tool
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Contextual media lists gives you the ability to target pages that contain a given set of keywords or keyword expressions. Use the Keyword Tool to manage your contextual media lists. It will automatically be opened upon media list creation of the type Contextual, or accessed with a link in the Media List view.

Building Expressions

A keyword expression may contain AND and NOT to build boolean expressions. For example "Björn Borg AND Boris Becker" will match pages that contain both "Björn Borg" and "Boris Becker. If a page matches and of the keyword(expression)s entered, it will be included in the contextual media list.

It is not allowed to use only NOT <keyword>, as this will match too widely.

Excluded Keywords

Use the tab Excluded Keywords to specify keywords or keyword expressions that you wish to exclude. Any page that matches these keywords is excluded from the contextual media list.

Automatic Media List Population

BidTheatre DSP will update your contextual media list once each hour, analyzing URL's selling ad space for the entered keywords. To be included in the analysis, a URL will need to be selling at least 100 impressions per hour.


in the Media List edit view, in the Advanced Settings section, you may optionally specify an "Auto-removal age (days)" number. This will cause pages that were added more than the specified number of days ago be automatically removed.


Each page matching an expression will get a relevance score between 1 and 100.

In the Media List edit view, you may specify a minimum required relevance of the matching pages.

Limitations & Caveats

A media list is limited to maximum 50 000 matched pages.

The content of pages on the internet may change over time, so there is a possibility that a page that was indexed days ago will not display contain the same content today, hence making a match inaccurate. Each matched page will be indexed anew every 7 days, and removed from media lists where they no longer match.


Use the button Estimate to generate an estimate of pages matching the current set of keywords. If you'd like to experiment with a keyword expression but not yet include it on your list, keep the Active checkbox unchecked.

The estimate is divided into four tabs: Top Articles, Top Sites, Top Formats, and Keywords.

Use the Update List-button to immediately populate the media list with the articles matching all active keywords.

Daily Impressions

Daily impressions is the observed number of sold impressions for a page and gives a theoretical maximum volume. The number is the largest of the observed volumes yesterday and today.

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