Studio Release 2.33.0 (2022-11-04)
Written by Marcus Johansson
Updated over a week ago

Features in the release include:

  • Labels to organize and filter campaigns and ad creatives

  • Possible to drop .mp3 and .ogg audio files to automatically create audio ads

  • Possible to limit keyword site lists to sites of given site list

  • Equativ (formerly Smart) SSP integrated

  • Table filtering window does not automatically close upon dropdown selection

  • Possible to manually set score threshold for bid optimization

  • Possible to manually add lat/lon coordinates to geo target by text

  • Obsolete options removed from Filters

  • Identified ad third party vendors showing for ad, if any

  • Support for multiple preview ad formats in creative data sets

  • Share of Voice in Insights

  • Filter setting to ignoring bid requests for Non Personalized Ads

  • Multiple bug fixes & improvements

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