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Written by Marcus Johansson
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There are several options to export statistics of your campaigns. This article gives an overview with further links.


In BidTheatre DSP, there exist a few views through which you can retrieve statistics:

  • Performance

  • Audience Buying

  • Audience Selling

Each view contain filters, group options and date intervals to specify what you're looking for. Each view also has a "Create Subscription" button that allows you to schedule a subscription to have a report run and sent at a regular interval to a specified email address.

Manage your subscriptions ins Account / Subscriptions.

Third Party Platforms


How to

Dashboard SaaS

Automated marketing data and dashboards

Data pipeline SaaS

Contact your account manager


By communicating directly with our RESTful JSON API, you have full control over your fetching of statistics. Read more about the API in BidTheatre Developer Hub.

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