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Keyword Targeting
Written by Marcus Johansson
Updated over a week ago

Site lists can be automatically populated with sites matching a set of given keyword expressions. This is a great way to build custom contextual site lists, and can also be used for brand safety purposes by using the keyword site list as an exclusion list.

How does it work?

Pages selling ad inventory will continuously be scanned for text matching your specified keywords. When matching, the site and its full URL path will be inserted to the site list.

If keywords are deleted, the site paths that have been matched for that keyword are removed from the site list.

How do I set it up?

In the edit view of an existing or newly created site list, scroll to find the section "Keywords". Here you can create or remove keyword expressions.

In the view to inspect existing sites of a site list, you can choose to show a column displaying what keyword expression that was used to match a particular site.


To count as a hit, at least one of the given keyword rows must be present in a URL. Each keyword row can be made up of an expression combining AND and NOT operators.

  • You may use several words in a keyword, to match a sequence of words (sentence).

  • Keywords with only NOT operators are not allowed.

  • You do not need to qualify sentences with "


will match all pages that match at least one of the four expressions;

  • the word "schackklocka" is contained in the page or its URL

  • the word schack is contained in the page or its URL, but not the sequence of words "i schack"

  • the word "schack" is contained in the page or its URL, and also the word "turnering"

  • the sequence of words "magnus carlsen" is contained in the page

About the scanning

To be scanned and considered for inclusion in the keyword site list the page will need to have generated a minimum of requests to sell ad space within the last hour.

Note that the scanning process take some time, and expect 1-2 to hours to pass after a keyword has been added before seeing the first hits. Pages with keywords present in the URL will be discovered more quickly than pages with the keywords in the page. Expect pages to be added at a faster rate during the 7 first days.

A site list will be allowed to match a maximum of 50 000 pages.

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