Dynamic Retargeting
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With dynamic retargeting, ads are populated with information of previously visited products by the user at the advertiser's site.

Three main steps are needed to set up a dynamic retargeting campaign:

Setting up the script

Once the product feed is setup, mapped and correctly synced, a retargeting script needs to be placed on all product pages. The retargeting script makes it possible to keep track of products seen by users visiting the advertiser's site.

The script is created under Cookie Groups-tab in the Supply-section. Just select the desired advertiser feed when creating it and click the code-icon to view the invocation code that will be installed on the advertiser site.

Products can be identified either automatically by analysis of the referrer, or provided explicitly in the script (seen below):

<!-- /* Cookie Group - DRT */ -->
<!-- /* BidTheatre Cookie Group Invocation Script v1.1 */ -->
<!-- /* Place this cookie group script as the first element in the body tag on the page you want to track. */ -->

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://adsby.bidtheatre.com/js/asx_track.min.js"></script>
asxtrack.config = {
cookieGroupId: 1,
advertiserFeedId: 2,
productId: 3


Verify that the cookie group script fires on the advertiser's site by for instance scan the http traffic when visiting the advertiser's site.

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