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Walkthrough - Retargeting Campaign
Walkthrough - Retargeting Campaign

This article describes the steps to configure retargeting to your campaign

Written by Oliver Andersson
Updated over a week ago

To run a retargeting campaign, you will need to master three concepts in BidTheatre DSP:

  • Create a segment to collect users

  • Create an audience that targets the segment

  • Target the audience on a bid strategy

Setting up a Segment

Manage segments by entering Supply / Segments:

Click New Segment to set up a new segment

It suffices to choose a name and advertiser.

Once the segment is created, click the </> sign on the row of the segment to inspect it's script tag.

The tag should be set up to fire on the pages of your website that you would like to retarget.

Setting up an Audience

In the campaign, either setup retargeting as the default campaign audience, or on an individual bid strategy.

Click the + sign beside the Default audience dropdown to create a new audience.

Choose target "User - In segment" and find your newly created segment in the Value dropdown. Click the + sign to add the target.

Close the audience, and save your bid strategy.

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