Device Graph
Written by Marcus Johansson
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BidTheatre works with TapAd ( to provide insights on user devices and the ability to identify with users across multiple screens. In a weekly update of TapAd's "Device Graph", BidTheatre learns how multiple user identities or screens are related to one and the same person.

Use of the device graph data is optional, and can be set Filter target level.

There are three main uses of the device graph data, listed below.

Cross Device Identity

By checking "Use Device Graph", all users / devices related to an identity will be analyzed upon evaluation of an impression. The enables e.g. retargeting and frequency capping across screens of multiple user devices. The device graph finally brings the ability to track and target a higher percentage of users on mobile.

Audience Amplification

Through the cross device data, your audience data is amplified onto all the connected identities of its users.

Anti Fraud

By checking "Require Device Graph Match", impressions will only be bid upon and bought for users that are part of the device graph. It is very unlikely that bots or other non-human traffic sources will be a part of the device graph, hence this filtering provides a powerful anti fraud measure.


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