Extended Reporting
Written by Marcus Johansson
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You may add extended reporting capabilities to your campaign. An extended report may either be display in the BidTheatre application, or send reporting data to a third party. Use of extended reporting may incur extra charges.

Extended B2B Report

The extended B2B report adds additional tracking and reporting capabilities to your campaign:

Access to campaign Click report view

The click report view displays additional information of each click:

  • Geo information (country, region, city, postal code)

  • Device type (desktop, tablet, mobile phone)

  • Site, clicked ad, ad dimension

  • Client IP (cloaked)

  • Client User Agent

  • ISP / Organisation

  • Organisation Type (if resolved)

  • Domain

  • Domain Type (if resolved)

  • Session Time (displayed if segment script with tracking is installed on advertiser site)

Access to Insights Organisation and Domain Reports

The organisation and domain reports displays impressions grouped by organisation and organisation type, or domain and domain type.

Access to Insights IP statistics

The IP statistics report displays impressions and clicks grouped by IP. It is only available for download to Excel.

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