Sync Pixels
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Sync Pixels are tracking beacons that can be used to call third party tracking software. Sync pixels can be added to fire with segments, conversion trackers and upon campaign impressions.

Note that sync pixels will fire only if the publisher has signalled consent for the sync pixel vendor.

Public Sync Pixels

BidTheatre provides some ready made sync pixels to integrate third party tracking. Available third party vendors are described below.


Meetrics is one of the leading ad validation companies in Europe and specialise in viewability and Ad Fraud. Meetrics is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) and is working with brands across the globe. With Meetrics Ad Attention manager, you can measure and validate your campaigns impression by impression:

  • You will know why your ad is not visible or have reached the desired viewability rate

  • Detection of undesired non-human traffic

Activate Meetrics tracking by adding the Meetrics Sync Pixel to your campaign setup. This will piggyback the Meetrics tracking on all ad impressions served. Request a Meetrics Ad Attention Manager login from your BidTheatre account manager.

Please note that use of Meetrics tracking and reporting costs 2 SEK / 0.2 EUR CPM.

For more information about Meetrics, please contact

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