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Exporting User Data
Written by Marcus Johansson
Updated over a week ago

Your audience data can be exported to external platforms. Two principal ways of achieving this is available.

Tag based Data Exports

This way of exporting data means that data collection tags of the receiving platform are piggybacked on BidTheatre tags and dropped in the browsers of users that belong to your data sets.

Data collection tag URLs are set up in Assets / Sync Pixels, and can be returning either a pixel, or Javascript.

Next, the Sync Pixels are added to the segment, cookie group or conversion tracker upon you would like to piggyback.

Server-2-Server Data Exports

Data exports can also be set up to occur daily with a s2s connection, using either HTTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 for file transfer.

Server-2-Server exports need user syncing to work, please read more at:

Contact your account manager to set up custom daily Server-2-Server exports to external platforms.

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