Importing User CRM Data
Written by Marcus Johansson
Updated over a week ago

Many advertisers have valuable customer data in their CRM system. With BidTheatre, this data can be extracted and used to enhance advertising efforts, directing different messages and marketing strategies depending on what is known about the client. For example, clients may be marked as "Active", "Newly registered", "Churn", "Reactivated".

How the CRM data can be transferred to BidTheatre will depend on the CRM system used. Generally however, there is two steps to transferring the data:

  1. The CRM data is sent to BidTheatre in a flat file containing customer ID and the segment ID's it belongs to, one customer ID per line.

  2. A user syncing script is placed on the advertiser's site. The user syncing script should be made to contain the customer ID, and dropped when the customer appears on the site.

User syncing needs to happen before that user's CRM data can be actioned upon. Therefore it makes sense to initiate user syncing in good time before campaigns are launched.

The CRM data is ideally updated and automatically sent to BidTheatre once each day.

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