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What is User Syncing?

BidTheatre provides user ID's to supply partners to have them provided back to BidTheatre when an impression is auctioned to be sold. This enables identifying the user and target based on the data attached to the user ID.

When is User Syncing done?

User synchronization is usually triggered both by the SSP and also by BidTheatre to ensure the largest possible user sync rate. User synchronization is triggered by default by BidTheatre on

  • Segment scripts

  • Cookie Group scripts

  • Conversion Tracker scripts

by piggybacking image tags that call the user synchronization endpoints of BidTheatre supply partners.

User syncs are triggered if no user sync has been registered within the last 14 days.

What Supply Partners are users synchronized with?

See table below.

Supply Partner


Privacy Policy

Xandr (f.d. Appnexus)

Doubleclick / Google

Improve Digital


Magnite (f.d. Rubicon Project)



Magnite (f.d. SpotX)




Index Exchange or

Disabling User Syncing

You may disable user synchronization at various levels listed below. Note that this may have a negative effect on the ability to re-identify your users and activate your user data in future media buying.

Disabling for an Account or Supply Partner

User syncing can be disabled for an entire account or specific Supply Partner in Account Settings.

Disabling for an Advertiser

Check "Inactivate User Syncing" on the Advertiser. This will disable user syncing for all the advertiser's segments and conversion trackers.

You can also disable all data collection, including user syncing, for a specific advertiser by checking "Inactivate Data Collection" on the Advertiser.

Disabling for a Segment or Cookie Group

Change the output parameter of the script from javascript to img

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