Data Retention
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User Data

User data is expired and cleaned from user profiles as it reaches a certain age. The table below outlines current expiry settings:

Data Type

Hard Max Age Limit


180 days

Cookie Groups

60 days

Site Visits

30 days

Ad Impression Frequency

7 days

Campaign Data

The life span of campaign data is tied to the concept of campaign termination. Upon termination, campaign data is purged and archived, which disables Performance statistics and Insights reporting. A static Insights report for the campaign will be automatically generated after end date, and will be available for download also after termination.

Termination will occur after campaign end according to the table below. An alert will be given one week prior to termination.

Campaign Type


Standard Campaigns

3 months after end date

Campaign Bundle Campaigns

6 weeks after end date

Starting June 2023 monthly billing reports will contain reporting on supplier precision.

If there are special needs to recover data for terminated campaigns, in need to access archived data, please contact your account manager.

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