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Information to Publishers
Written by Marcus Johansson
Updated over a week ago

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information about what personal data BidTheatre processes, to what purpose, responsibility and legal basis.

Supply Side Platform (SSP)

As a DSP, BidTheatre accesses publisher websites via Supply Side Platform integrations.

The programmatic ecosystem is reliant on transfer of personal data such as IP address, user agent, geo location, and similar from SSP to DSP. BidTheatre acts as a sub-processor of personal data for the SSP (all working on behalf of the publisher Controllers to monetize impressions) with the purpose of selecting ads to bid and buy for showing in the ad inventory provided by the SSP.

The SSP is responsible for having legal basis of the personal data sent to BidTheatre. By agreement between the SSP and BidTheatre, BidTheatre warrants to the SSP that any processing of personal data sent to BidTheatre is conducted in a manner compliant with GDPR regulations. BidTheatre is setting up Data Processing Agreements with all connected SSP platforms.

NOTE: BidTheatres does not record website visits as personal data based on received bid requests.


BidTheatre will not pursue setting up Data Processing Agreements with individual publishers, but will entertain requests to do so by publishers.

BidTheatre offers the possibility to customize its behaviour as a platform with respect to personal data on publisher level. For example, BidTheatre can refrain from setting cookies or piggyback third party scripts in the publisher's inventory. Please consult with your BidTheatre contact or for further information about this.

BidTheatre encourages publishers to use the IAB Transparency & Consent framework to collect consent. BidTheatre is a Global Vendor in the Framework with ID 30, and will respect consent signals provided in bid requests. Read more at


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