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GDPR will have an impact on campaigns that utilize personal data collected by the advertiser. This personal data can be either of:

  • Segments built for retargeting purposes

  • Cookie groups built to run dynamic creatives or hold imported CRM data

Advertisers act as controllers under GPDR of any personal data collected for these purposes.

From 25th of May 2018, advertisers will need legal basis to collect personal data and transfer it to a third party such as BidTheatre. Our interpretation of GDPR is that consent will be the proper legal basis, and that this will need to be collected from users upon visiting the advertiser's sites.

Note that this will only affect campaigns using personal data collected by the advertiser. Campaigns not using advertiser personal data can be run without any additional action or change.

Aa a self service client using the BidTheatre DSP, you will need to acknowledge that you have legal basis for any segment or cookie group tags used to collect targeting data in your account. This is done by accepting our Consent Verification popup, which will be displayed upon login to all accounts before the 25th of May 2018.

Calls on segments or cookie group scripts from accounts that have not checked Consent Verification will be ignored after 25th of May 2018.

Please refer to the section of Consent Collection in this Help Center for more details about how to properly collect consent.

What about 3rd Party Audience Data?

Any vendor that transfers personal data to BidTheatre with the purpose of monetizing it will need to have proper legal basis as a controller of personal data. BidTheatre screens all data suppliers, and any data supplier available in the platform on the 25th of May 2018 will have been subject to and have passed such screening.

As an advertiser, no additional steps are needed to continue using third party audience data. Please consult with your account manager if you have enquiries on the screening of specific data vendors.

Advertiser Data collected prior to the 25th of May 2018

These segments and cookie groups will be subject to BidTheatre data retention policy and expired over time.

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