Setting up Video Creatives
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There are two primary video ad types - "Video Ad", and "In-banner Video". Video ads are used to bid on publisher inventory that is sold as video. This usually corresponds to Instream or Outstream video inventory. In-banner video ads are ads that run in standard display banner inventory, wrapped in a video player provided by BidTheatre DSP.

Video Ads

To prepare a campaign video ad follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the Campaign / Ad creatives tab

  2. Click New Ad

  3. Select Ad type "Video ad"

  4. Select Ad dimension "Video ad"

  5. Assign one or more Video Creatives to the ad.

If a media file is dragged and drop into the Campaign / Ad creatives tab view, steps 2,3 and 4 are automated.

For details of individual Video Creatives, see below.

In-Banner Video Ads

Follow the same procedure as for Video Ads (above), but set Ad type to "In-banner video".

Note: Solutions for in-banner video provided by third party adservers are set up as a standard HTML ads. For specifics, consult with your third party adserver.

Video Linears

Linear video creatives are standard video creatives hosted by BidTheatre. After the creative is added, it is time to add media assets to it. One creative can have several media assets, for example different many different bitrates to support users with varying download capacity.

A linear media has several properties that are auto detected upon drag & drop of a media file. If using media from a remote web server, the fields will need to be manually entered however. The fields are described below.



Media File URL

This is the URL to the media file. If you want the media file hosted by BidTheatre, upload file by clicking "Choose file".

If you host the video file on an external web server, it is recommended to make sure that it is secure, i.e. accessible with https://.

NB! Filenames cannot contain whitespace or funny characters. Go with standard characters (A-Z, 0-9).


The duration of the video clip. Note that the format is hh:mm:ss


Progressive is the standard choice, and the only choice available if the media is hosted by BidTheatre


The MIME type of the media, essentially the format of the video file


The bitrate of the video (higher bitrate = higher quality and larger media files). If not known from the advertiser, the bitrate might be possible to find out by opening the video in a videoplayer such as VideoLAN (VLC) and look at the video properties, or by using MediaInfo.

Dimension (Resolution)

The width and height of the video


Whether it is acceptable for the video player to scale the video

Maintain aspect ratio

If scaled, should the aspect ratio be maintained

API Framework

Leave blank

Click target URL

Optional landing page if the video is clicked by the user. Leave blank to default to campaign settings

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