Supply Statistics

Details on how media and audience sizes are computed.

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Media Supply

BidTheatre DSP displays statistics on incoming media supply.

  • Media Supply numbers are updated daily

  • Request numbers show the number times as specific tag placement has been called, regardless of how many potential ad dimensions the tag carries

  • Daily request numbers showing are based on yesterday

  • Request numbers showing are based on the chosen country

  • CPM floor levels are show in the currency of the current account


Numbers are collected using approximation methods, and should not be regarded as exact. The following limitations apply:

  • Incoming bid requests are sampled

  • Users are approximated using sampling

  • User numbers are based on the numbers of users synced between BidTheatre and supply partners, for which bid requests are received

Audience Supply

When is audience size computed?

Audience user sizes are computed at regular intervals:

  • All audience sizes are computed once each day

  • Sizes of new or changed audiences are computed every 3 hours

How is audience size computed?

Audience sizes will be computed or estimated by looking at the individual targets used in the audience expression:

  • Segment and cookie groups target sizes will be computed with precision

  • Audience targets will use the size computed for the given audience

If an audience contains targets that are not segments, cookie groups, or audiences, the audience size will be the bigger of:

  • The sampled audience size

  • The computed size from the segments, cookie groups, or audience targets

How does sampling work?

When BidTheatre's platform encounters a user, it may check for audience belongingness with a certain probability. This restricts the accuracy of the size estimated:

  • Size is likely to be underestimated

  • Accuracy will improve over time

Note that the displayed audience size is purely informational. Even if the size is underestimated, it does not impact the actual reach of an audience.


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