Campaign Planning

This article gives guidance in what to consider when planning your campaign.

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Bid Strategies

Below we list a set of common bid strategy types.





Build brand awareness

Wide site list


Retarget site visitors

Wide site list + audience


Use lookalikes on a segment to find users similar to the ones in the retargeting

Wide site list + audience

Contextual Site List

Target contextual site list, no audience use

Contextual site list

Niche Media

Target category site list or prepare your own site list

Public or private site list

Consider Reach

The impact of your message will be proportional to the number of unique people exposed to it. In the age of data driven advertising, niche targeting certainly is powerful and should be used. For prospect, keep track on the unique users that you target and find.

Banner Formats

Look at the top formats of your selected site lists to get guidance in what creative formats to produce.

Estimating Budget & Max CPM

Estimating Media Cost

By clicking on the site id of a given site, an inspection view will show the average paid CPM at different percentiles. This gives an indication of the media cost for a given site.

As a rough rule of thumb:

  • Display: 35 SEK CPM

  • Display retargeting: 50 SEK CPM

  • Video outstream: 80 - 140 SEK CPM

  • VIdeo instream: 160 - 220 SEK CPM

Estimating Impressions

To estimate available weekly impressions for selected inventory:

inventory unique users * wanted frequency (per week) * estimated average win rate

Remember to consider costs for any audiences + targeting options used. If targeting small audiences, a site list with wide reach is likely needed.

Estimates / Planner Tool

We provide an interactive planner tool that can be used to estimate budget, avg CPM, max CPM, impressions, clicks and unique reach for selected site list, geographical targeting and supply type. Estimated fields may have values entered to put known constraints on estimation.

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