This article describes how to get help with your BidTheatre account

Written by Marcus Johansson
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To ensure that any issues or questions that you have get addressed as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to go through the follow checklist before contacting support:

  • Search Help Center for articles related to your query

  • Common questions are available in Help Center category Campaigns, Section Troubleshooting

If submitting an issue, consider that:

  • If the issue has not urgent and critical business impact, please email to

  • Please do not email directly to our staff. Emailing the common support-address ensures that a maximum number of people see and can act on your ticket

  • If your issue is related to a specific campaign, please review our Campaign Troubleshooting section

  • If your issue related to a specific campaign, please provide: name of advertiser, name of campaign, campaign ID.

If submitting a bug report, please include the following details:

  • Web browser used, including any non standard security settings

  • Device used (Mac / PC / Phone / Tablet)

  • IP

  • If applicable - what site the problem manifested itself on

  • If possible - an instruction on how to reproduce the problem

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