Adnami Creatives
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Adnami is a third party technology for rich media creatives. Running Adnami ads in BidTheatre entails the following steps:

  • Build creatives in Adnami's ad editor

  • Download ad tags from Adnami and set them up as HTML ads in BidTheatre

  • Target your campaign to deals set up by Adnami certified publishers

Click Tracking

Refer to this article on how to prepare Adnami tags for click tracking in BidTheatre:

Note if you select BidTheatre as destination when downloading tags in Adnami, BidTheatre click tracking will be prepared out of the box.


If you wish to include the Adnami CPM cost in your campaign budget, you have two options depending on if you or BidTheatre pays the Adnami fee. If you are unsure about this, reach out to BidTheatre support.

BidTheatre pays the Adnami fee

Add Adnami as an Extended Reporting option to your campaign in Setup / Settings / Advanced Settings. This will add a data fee cost for Adnami for all you campaign impressions.

Client pays the Adnami fee

If you have a direct relationship with Adnami, use a "Spend Model" in your campaign that adds the Adnami CPM cost to your spend costs.

Note: We recommend that you run Adnami ads and other ads in separate campaigns, to not risk adding the Adnami CPM fee to non-Adnami impressions.

Providing Custom Data to the Adnami tag

Adnami supports a tag property named data-adnm-custom-DATA. Any value assigned to this property is replaced in the ad creative where the macro ${DATA} is present.

BidTheatre has a macro {dynamic_data} that can be used in HTML ads to insert dynamic JSON data with ad information such as products. This is described more closely here:

An example of how this could be combined to provide the Adnami creative with dynamic ad information such as products:

<ins class='adnm-tag'
<script async src=''></script>


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