Advertiser Stores

This article contains information about the advertiser store concept.

Written by Marcus Johansson
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A store is intended to represent a physical store location of an advertiser. Each store has properties specific to the physical store and its marketing objectives, and may be used in Campaign Bundles to efficiently set up campaigns by bulk.

The store may optionally have settings that will override Campaign Bundle settings upon campaign creation:



Geo Target

Sets this geo target as default

This could be a geo target that targets the surrounding area of the store location.

Order ID

Sets this Order ID

Order ID reference for invoices

Bid Strategy Template

Applies this bid strategy template upon campaign creation

This could e.g. contain bid strategies targeting media that's relevant for the geographical location of the store

Ad Target Template

Ad target template containing store settings

Provides the key-values of the ad target template to the creative. This is used to display store specific information such as opening hours in the creative.

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