During the Campaign

Best practices while running campaigns.

Written by Marcus Johansson
Updated over a week ago

Manual Optimization

It is advisable to inspect the performance of the bought media and audiences during the campaign. The campaign Sites tab shows the performance of individual sites and bid strategies, and lets you easily stop buying on sites that performs less than expected.

To exclude a site from buying, add it to the exclusion list of the campaign. Each campaign automatically will get an empty exclusion list assigned, ready to contain sites that are manually excluded during the campaign.

Optionally, you may decide to remove the site from the source site list that it is a part of. This will affect any other and future campaigns targeting that site list.

Change creatives

Engagement with creatives decrease over time, as the message wears out with the receiver. Therefore, we recommend that you switch creative materials at least once per month for always-on campaigns.

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