Dynamic creatives are template creatives that dynamically get product information injected to them at runtime. The product information comes from an advertiser feed that needs to be set up separately.

A dynamic creative is a normal HTML5 creative that will be prepared to read a JSON-object containing product data that will be displayed inside the creative at the time of impression. This product data could be a description, price, image URL and landing page URL.

Please see HTML5 Creatives for details on how to prepare a HTML5 creative for use in BidTheatre DSP.

Product information

The advertiser products are provided to the creative in the form of a JSON-object. The individual field names are configurable but we recommend to use the defaults listed in the example below.

"desc":"Nice shirt",
"desc":"Cool shorts",

The JSON listed above can be retrieved inside the creative by using our helper script in the following way

<script src=""></script>

var jsonProducts = asxhtml5.getDynamicProducts();

Non-Default product fields

The "Ad Target Template" will map the fields used in the product JSON with product feed columns. The default "Standard Dynamic Ad" template will map fields according to the names used above, (price, desc, name, image, product_url). We recommend to not change this, but if done, a new Ad Target Template will need to be set up and used with the ad.

Click Through

Even if no product data is provided to the creative, the banner must still click through to the advertiser's site. This is required for the creative to pass the audit phase with connected supply partners.

Best Practice

Multiple Products

Prepare the creative to display more than one product, either side by side, or with rotation. The number of provided products may vary, so make sure that the creative still will display correctly.


The creative should either scale product images to fit, or be prepared to receive an agreed dimension on all images, that will match what is provided in the product feed.


For a small example on how the products can be retrieved see this file.


These creatives are uploaded into BidTheatre DSP exactly the same way as HTML5 creatives with the following addition, once the creative is uploaded, you must assign an "ad target template".

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